Sunday, August 20, 2017

Drone Day

OMG!  The last three mornings have been in the lovely 75 degree temps!  Wonderful relief after the usual heat.  It warms up fast but the cool mornings are appreciated.

It was a nice quiet morning to take out the drone.

The view over the north 40 always looks the same with holes, trenches, piles of dirt, and new green sewer pipes popping out of the ground.  Many hours and days of grueling labor go into the process but from our standpoint it looks pretty much the same.

We zoomed in by the wall.

Then up to the ballroom for an aerial view of the walls.

Are there any other cat owners.......or should I say caretakers out there??
I hope you've discovered the wonderful videos on YouTube for your cat's entertainment.  Actually, Don and I find them fun to watch ourselves.  

Just Google for "videos for cats or dogs to watch".

To those folks who are NOT animal lovers, you can sign off now because you'll find the rest of today's blog very boring.  LOL  I, on the other hand, love these pictures and am having FUN just watching Mouse at play.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Wall Progress, Bugs, Flowers

Good Morning, Readers:

Let's see what interesting items Mouse and I can post for you today.

First I'd like to send a thank you to Barb Poole for helping to keep us summer people happy and occupied.  Barb has organized several outings for us to various restaurants plus an upcoming bus trip to a casino.  She even takes the time to publish a pamphlet each month.  Thank you, Barb!  

You'd probably recognize Barb because she is at all of our season events with a camera attached to her.

Next topic is flowers and bugs:

I'm glad the cactus flowers don't all open on the same day.  With them each on a different time schedule, it keeps our rounds interesting.  I found these this morning at the fancy casita site.  The amazing part is how many buds are getting ready to open.

Nature lover that I am............I find it fascinating to check out the insects in this desert of ours.  Found a couple weirdos again this morning.

 This fly  as such long wings for his short stubby little body.

This hornet looks like a fierce one.  Kind of scary looking.

Okay............back to basics:

Even though it's Friday, a construction crew is busy on the ballroom walls.  The sound of nail guns and hammers can be heard.

I took time to study the totem poles by the pottery room.  Very interesting.  Congratulations to all who contributed.

We spotted Fernando and Mark Kenner checking out the pump box by the big lake this morning.

They were trying to get the other pump to work.  I'm sure there is always something to challenge them every day.  Never a dull moment.

Whoops.................I must have taken a long time to post today.  Mouse seems to have gotten bored waiting for play time.


Thursday, August 17, 2017

Kitchen Info & Ballroom Walls

We had some questions about this photo:  What is it??

It is called a ‘grease trap interceptor’.  All commercial kitchens have one.  It separates and collects the grease that goes down the kitchen drains.  We have the grease pumped out by a commercial company 3 times per year.  The old grease trap was no longer adequate for the size of our new kitchen.  It was dug up and disposed of.


Donna Cox gave me a tour of the construction in the mail room.  She and her crew are excited about finally having enough room to handle the huge volume of mail and packages they receive on a daily basis.

Last night's TV news cast was about the proposed Amusement Park to be built outside of  Casa Grande to the tune of four BILLION dollars.  The city council approved the zoning change to 1500 acres to accommodate the facility.  Expected completion date is 7 years.