Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Our Lives Change with the Season

What a difference a few weeks makes at this time of year.  The park is emptying out as folks head home  to northern climates.  I'e heard from quite a few friends saying that they arrived home to over a foot of snow.  One couple can't even get in their driveway so must spend the night at a hotel until they can get the driveway plowed.  Yuck.

We here are enjoying our usual beautiful 80-90 degree temps although we had a few windy days over the weekend.  Today has been truly perfect though so Don pulled out the drone and took it for a ride.  We're amazed to see how many trees and shrubs are being planted in the north 40 expansion area.

(Here is the YouTube link for those who have trouble viewing through this blog:

APS (electric power service) is spending a great deal of time in the resort as they install street lights.  We chatted with them and laughed when they said the job was much easier now that all the traffic has dissipated.

I peeked in the windows of the new shower building.  Looks like several nice bathroom/shower rooms plus a small laundromat area.  I didn't go inside though but will wait till it's safe to enter the construction area.

It seems like miles of trenches have been dug along the streets and walkways so irrigation lines can be installed.

This corner has us a bit puzzled though as we don't know why they planted so many palm trees so close together on this corner.  I'll have to investigate to get the answer.

If you can zoom in on this map, the red dots show the 12 lots that have already been sold in this new area.  Two spec homes were installed and both have already sold.  Nancy Paupst showed how the BIG lots are being swept up.  It's been a busy busy time in the sales office.


Meanwhile, at the Hepler estate, our two kittens are now cats and still keep us mighty entertained.
Kat just can't pass up a warm computer key board.

Their rough house playing can make a mess in a hurry when they over turn their food dish.

But when they cuddle up for a nice quiet nap, they look innocent and loving.

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Best Bingo Winner EVER!!

Tension mounted in the bingo hall last night as we all tried to win the big $567 coverall jackpot.  The room soon burst into a loud cheer of applause as we discovered who yelled "BINGO".  We couldn't be happier to congratulate Flo Fillipi for being the winner...............and she did hit the real jackpot by getting bingo on the starburst!  

Flo doesn't get to play bingo very often because she has been in charge and has run the program since it's inception many moons ago.  We truly have Flo to thank for maintaining bingo through all those years.


Monday, April 02, 2018


Spotted a tall white egret wading at the waterfall.  So graceful and sleek.  Made for a great photo.

We live in a beautiful park!!

Friday, March 30, 2018

QOV and Happenings Announcement

Congratulations to "Mac" McCloskey for being the recipient of a Quilt of Valor from our devoted Quilters.  

What better way to celebrate with Mac than at the poker tables with all his friends.


This article will appear in the April Happenings newsletter.  This will be the best way to stay informed about the upcoming season, ticket sales, and events.  

Here is a link to the Palm Creek website where newsletters appear.  Mark it in your favorites!!

Every Wednesday morning, all season long, there is a dedicated group of volunteers who teach beginners the fundamentals of Texas Hold'em and Omaha poker.  They've had many students this past season and celebrate their classes by holding a free tournament.

Here's a photo of the instructors and the winners of that tournament.  Congratulations!

1st place:  Betty Wold
2nd Place Glenda Wohldmann

Speaking of tournament winners:  I'd be remiss if I didn't mention our Mahjong players that attended a tournament at Mission Royale last week.  We had a GREAT time and quite a few of us were in the cash!  Our group plans to conduct several tournaments ourselves next season.

By the way....there is no "end of season" for Mahjong.  We will continue to play ALL summer long!

Springtime is upon us.  We see prickly pear cactus and yucca plants starting to bloom.
This plant at site 1723 looks really nice.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Parrotdise Indeed

What a BEAUTIFUL day for a party!!!
Good food.  Plenty of drinks. Good music and lots of dancing.
It looks like a GREAT  time was had by all.

Never dreamed that retirement could be this much fun!!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Bistro Pizza and Sandwiches

We got permission to enter the new kitchen at the Bistro and find out how the new system works.  Very nice!!  Most pleasant staff too.  Very friendly and seem to enjoy their work.

Enter your order at the front desk.

Mike and Merrill are there to help you.

They enter every item into the system and it prints out in detail back in the kitchen.

The slips are then taken to each station.

Pizza is custom made to your order.

I took some nice videos but am having GREAT difficulty getting them to upload to You Tube.
Try clicking on this link.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Celebrate the Life of Ed Brown

Mary Ann will be hosting a Celebration of Life for Ed Brown on Saturday, March 24th, from 1:00pm - 3:00pm in the SanTan Room. Dessert and coffee will be provided. Friends and neighbors are cordially welcome. Ed worked in the pro shop for several years, and was always there to help his wife Mary Ann with Activities Dept whatever the chore. Ed also worked at various jobs in the park including guard at back gate. Ed also loved to play Pickleball when he wasn’t working or helping his wife with those special chores that had to be done. Ed always had a smile for anyone he met.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Quilters and Sewers Luau Luncheon

I'm always complimenting the "sisterhood" of members in the Quilting and Sewing group.  Today their president, June Griepp, invited me to their monthly luncheon and surprise fashion show.

June Griepp

Table decorations and leis abound.

Yummy food catered from The Big House.

Next on the agenda was a fashion show narrated by two special ladies.

Special designs, hats, and accessories were custom made and modeled by the Hottest Hatters in Hawaii.

It was certainly a colorful event.  Many laughed till we cried.
What a FUN afternoon.