Thursday, July 20, 2017

Another Storm

We had another thunderstorm tonight.  This one made the news on TV for Casa Grande although I didn't think it was as strong as the one we had last night.  The weird part was that it came from the opposite direction.  You can tell by the way the palm trees are blowing.

Mouse and I just curled up to watch TV for the evening.  Very peaceful.

Beautiful Rain!!

Finally...............we had just a regular NICE thunderstorm with beautiful pleasant rain and NO wind or dirt.  Don and I sat at the back of our golf cart under the awning and just watched the rain.  I was soooo nice.

Nice big rain drops that bounced and made bubbles in the puddles.  Some of you from different parts of the country may think this is boring but when you live in the desert, it is a real treat.

I received a nice note from Jim Dawson this week thanking Don for the very informative video from the north 40 area.  He appreciates Don's updates on the blog as he obviously can't be here everyday to watch the progress.  Jim said the north 40 project (which he calls Phase 3B and 3C) is right on track and is scheduled to be completed by December 30.  


Mouse has recovered from his recent "snip snip surgery" at the Animal Hospital.  Last night he discovered he could sneak up on the end table next to Don and play with the chains he found there.  How long do you think the lamp will last??


Do you have any fishermen in the family??  Show them this video for some laughs.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Mail Room plus more

No more squeezing through the door to get into the mailroom.  The new renovation will open a counter right into the hallway making it very convenient for us residents and will give the employees a lot more room for all that mail and packages we receive.

Right now, the gang is in temporary quarters using the Activities office.  

Helen, Gym, and Donna

Cement trucks come and go as they pour the footings for the ballroom.

Several of the deep trenches are already complete and covered up.  Here's some drone video to see the progress.

Meanwhile......Mouse curls up for an afternoon nap.  He had a rough day at the Animal Hospital yesterday.  Poor guy.  All services and vaccinations are paid for through the adoption fee from the Humane Society.  

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Sewing Room Location

We had another dandy storm last night but this one brought some much needed rain.  The thunder woke me about 1:00.  I could hear the rain coming down but after 1:05 a.m. I have no idea how long the rain lasted.  The streets were still wet and dotted with puddles as we made our rounds this morning.

The trenches were not full of water so it must have all soaked into the dry dust.  The crews at the north 40 were busy busy busy.  We stopped to watch the "sheep's foot" compacting the soil over the pipes that were already buried.  Watch this short video and you can see that the compacting means business as it actually lifts up the front of that huge machine.

Here's a closeup of the attachment:

We saw a sign and some construction cones indicating the new location of the sewing room.

I bet the crew will be happy when they get the palm trees finished.  They're still dropping the branches here to let them dry out before loading up to the landfill.


Monday, July 17, 2017

Lightning and rain this time

Last night's storm was a real dandy with CONSTANT lightning.  Heavy rain followed for a change but luckily we didn't get the deluge they did in other parts of Arizona.  Nine people were killed in Payson when flash floods washed them out.

I never tried video at night but this short clip can give you an idea of what I mean by constant lightning.

Lots of dust and dirt everywhere today.....especially evident in our beautiful swimming pools.  Eddie and Louis had their work cut out to vacuum up the mud.

You can see every stroke of the wand.

We send the drone up over the north pool and also captured an aerial view of that wayward palm tree.


Yes, our weather has been hot lately.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Storm Damage

Whoops..........perhaps I spoke too soon when I said we didn't find any storm damage.  This palm tree appears to have blown apart and landed in the neighbor's car port.  I never heard of wind breaking a strong healthy palm tree so perhaps it was a lightning strike???  Luckily it is just a carport awning that sustained damage.

Since the tree looked so healthy, judging by the blackened base, I'm guess it was a lightning strike.


Saturday, July 15, 2017

Another Haboob!

The storm tonight was the fourth one in the past week .... and it was also the strongest.  We recorded wind gusts up to 37 miles per hour.

As soon as the wind and dirt receded, Don and I drove out to check on the houses we watch.  I'm VERY happy to report that we didn't find any damage to any of our customers.  There were a few others that lost some skirting or sun screens but nothing serious.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so here you go.  I took these from my kitchen window.

Couldn't even see more than a block away.

Don, on the other hand, stayed outside to get live video for you.  He says the video is jumpy because he couldn't see very well.  I believe him!  HA

Not a drop of rain in this storm though.  Just dirt....and lots of it.
The streets were littered with debris from the trees.

It was a little sandy over on Granite too.  Our landscape and maintenance crews will be busy on Monday.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Sewer lines

Some of the green sewer pipe has already been installed and covered over.  Fast work!  Looks like the crews are on summer schedule of working 10 hours four days per week.  Today is Friday and no one in sight.  That's good!  Gives them an extra day to recover from being out there in the heat.

Don sent the drone up for an overhead view.

BIG NEWS from our home.  We took Mouse in for the second shot in the kitten series.  
As we suspected, it is now confirmed that the female kitten we requested is a male.  So now we have to train ourselves to refer to HIM instead of her.  Crystal offered to take HIM back since it wasn't what we requested..............but it is far too late for that.  How could we ever part with 3 whole pounds of cuteness like this????

Sorry for the slightly blurred photo, but it is very difficult to get HIM to sit still for a picture.  
HE is growing fast!  It means HE takes an even bigger place in our hearts.  LOL


Notice from Palm Creek Facebook page

Thank you Sun Communities for another investment as the mailroom has been waiting a long time for renovation.  They process huge volumes of mail for our residents.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Sewer Line Starting

Quite the excavation project!!

They're starting at the bottom to lay the sewer line.

They use a laser beam to make sure the pipes are at the perfect angle and slope.

We thought they were drilling a well or something but they're just taking soil samples.  Always interesting to watch.


Mouse update:

She's growing bigger every day.


Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Trenching the Back 40

Mouse is keeping Don company while he has his breakfast.  
Great way to start the day.

It is amazing to watch the HUGE equipment over at the north 40 area.
Now they're digging the trenches and dumping some of the dirt through a screen to take out the big rocks.  They don't want any big rocks in the fill dirt they use to cover the pipes underground.


Today they're laying out the first of the new sewer line.

While all of the work continues at the north 40, we still see another new house starting on Flowering Cactus Drive.  Don't know the site number but it is directly across the street from site 2024.


Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Back 40 update -- digging started


Those big tonka shovels are in full action this morning!  We were shocked when you drove down the street and saw these huge dirt piles!!  Yesterday, the ground was entirely flat.

The different depths and layers will be for sewer, water, electric, cable, etc.  

Deep Deep Deep trench.  I'm glad that man was standing down there so you can judge how deep it is.  

You Tube link:  Trench digging

Tickets to summer events

I spoke with MaryAnn Brown this morning and she would like to remind everyone to buy your tickets for the upcoming summer events. So far there are only 6 tickets sold for the pizza party (scheduled for July 27) so she may have to cancel it as there is a minimum requirement to get the vendor to come. Coffee and donuts for Monday, July 17 has already been canceled due to low ticket distribution. Again, it doesn't pay for the vendor (Amazing Dental) to travel here for such a small attendance. Hopefully things will be better next summer when we have a kitchen again.